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Keys, Strings, Winds & Skins: A true multi-instrumentalist virtuoso with an outstanding voice to match. Dayan Kai is a Singer/Songwriter, Arranger and Producer with a lifelong commitment to music. Equally versed in Americana, Jazz, World and Rock traditions, Kai’s compositions reflect his vast experience in the industry as both a soloist and versatile accompanist. 

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Dayan Kai is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, vocalist, and producer with a lifelong dedication to music. Equally versed in jazz, world, Americana, and rock traditions. Devoted husband and father of three.

He is currently busy as the full-time Music Director for “Burn’n Love,” the Elvis Presley tribute at The Maui Theater in Lahaina, Hawaii. calls it “The best show on Maui”.

Formally trained since the age of two, Dayan studied under World Music composer Lou Harrison, Latin percussionist Michael Strunk, jazz trumpeter/arranger Ray Brown and mandolin master David Grisman. Dayan is also a versatile accompanist and works with numerous notable artists from around the world in many genres. 

Dayan’s Work
Dayan has self-produced and released six solo albums including “Resonate,” "Treat A Stranger Right," "Livin' Like A Rat Again," "The First Twelve Years," "All Kai," "Songs of Sunday", as well as two albums with his former band Water, "Scrape the Sun" and "Look out the Window". In 2010, he recorded the duo album “Make It Rain” with frequent collaborator Keith Greeninger. Dayan also contributed his talents on a multitude of albums in the folk, jazz & world genres.

Dayan recorded “Resonate", his latest release, with long-time friends/collaborators Steve Uccello and Jimmy Norris and Grammy-nominated producer Cookie Marenco. Dayan has also produced albums for Steven Graves, Mike McKinley, Tess Dunn, Quackgrass, and Michael Gaither.

Performance Highlights
Dayan has played at many notable festivals, including the Folklife Festival and Bummershoot Festival (Seattle, WA), Sister's Folk Festival (Sisters OR), American River Music Festival (Lotus, CA), Strawberry Music Festival (Groveland, CA), Kate Wolf Memorial Festival (Laytonville, CA), High Sierra Festival (Quincy, CA),  Art on the Green (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho), Sandpoint Music Festival (Sandpoint, ID), and Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI) and many, many more.

A partial list of instruments Dayan plays includes keyboards (piano, organ, accordion), guitars (Spanish classical, six- and 12-string acoustic, electric, and resophonic), other strings (charango, ukulele, bass, 4- and 5-string banjo, mandolin, and fiddle), the single-reed woodwind family and flutes from around the world, trumpet and trombone, conchas, and percussion (trap kit and hand drums [cajon, pandero, doumbec, tabla, and congas]). 

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To talk with Dayan about show bookings or to discuss producing or session work, call 808-856-5078 or send an email to 


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