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"Keys, Strings, Winds, and Skins"

Welcome to the official web site of Dayan ("DAY-uhn") Kai. Dayan is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, vocalist, and producer with a lifelong dedication to music. Equally versed in jazz, world, Americana, and rock. Devoted husband and homeschooling father of three.

Dayan was an "Artist of the Week" on Indie Artist Radio (IAR) in January. Six songs from the "Resonate" album were played in heavy rotation. You can support Dayan and IAR by listening here, joining their Facebook page, or becoming an IAR member.  

"Resonate" is the title track from Dayan's latest CD 

Listen to Dayan talk about the record: "Songs and Stories" Episode #129

Order "Resonate" from CD Baby
Purchase individual tracks from iTunes

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