Dayan Kai's supersonic voice is big enough to cause a tidal wave one minute and rich enough to turn a choppy sea into a smooth clear lake the next. And then there is the phalanx of instruments that he has mastered and the stunning song craft. Dayan Kai is a talent mightily personified and an absolute joy to experience. 
- Tom Miller, promoter  

"A soulful and passionate performer across several genres. The warmth and humanity of his personality and songwriting always shine through and engage the audience."
- Dick Brundle, Fiddling Cricket Music 

"Dayan really could 'make it rain'."  
 - Bruce Roberts, fan

"If you want to get high on life just listen to Dayan Kai and Steve Uccello, the best combo I have ever heard."  
- Bob Valenzuela, The Pinnacle, Hollister, CA

"We always look forward to having Keith and Dayan back on on our stage. Over the years, they have built a loyal following and have become one of our favorite acts. Their musicianship is outmatched only by their warm personalities and engaging style. They never disappoint!"   
- Pete Angwin, Artistic Director, Oaksong Music Society, Redding, CA

"Kai's multi-faceted works touch on every human emotion, every nuance that can be expressed. The superior musicianship is only outdone by the humanity and raw energy expressed in the songs."   
- CD Baby customer

"His music will have you tapping your foot, dancing a wicked two-step, reflecting on the various ideas he presents, laughing wryly at the paradox of our lives, all the while smiling joyfully, knowing you are listening to works of great consideration and passion."   
- CD Baby customer

"THIS is country music! Ferget that packaged, pretty-boy stuff they call country nowadays. I like the authentic stuff..."
- YouTube viewer on "The San Juan Song"


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